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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aligned Social?

Aligned Social is a revolutionary social media platform that aims to prioritize user well-being, meaningful connections, and ethical practices. It provides a space where individuals can engage in authentic interactions, share ideas, and build communities in a more mindful and aligned manner.

Why does consciousness matter?

Consciousness refers to our awareness and subjective experience of the world. In the context of Aligned Social, consciousness matters because the platform recognizes the importance of fostering a conscious and thoughtful online environment. By promoting self-awareness and encouraging users to engage with empathy and intention, Aligned Social aims to create a more positive and enriching social media experience.

Why are algorithms so bad?

Algorithms used by many mainstream social media platforms have faced criticism for various reasons. One of the main concerns is their potential to perpetuate filter bubbles and echo chambers, where users are exposed only to content that aligns with their existing beliefs and preferences. This can lead to polarization and the spread of misinformation. Aligned Social aims to address these issues by implementing algorithms that prioritize diverse perspectives, meaningful content, and user well-being.

Who is "Aya"?

Aya is Aligned Social's own AI, based on foundational Large Language Model and trained to maximize wellness of the contributors on our platform. 

What makes Aligned Social different from other forms of social media?

Aligned Social differentiates itself from traditional social media platforms by emphasizing ethical practices, user well-being, and meaningful connections. It aims to create an online space where individuals can engage in authentic interactions, explore diverse perspectives, and foster a sense of community without the negative impacts commonly associated with mainstream social media platforms.

Where is my $5 per month going?

By charging subscription fees, Aligned Social is able to avoid being beholden to advertisers and does not optimize for engagement or participate in the attention economy.  Subscription fees go towards covering operational costs, supporting platform development, ensuring privacy and security measures, and supporting social initiatives and charitable causes

What is Aligned Cares?

Aligned Cares is a program associated with Aligned Social. It suggests a focus on philanthropy, social responsibility, and community involvement. The program involves fundraising for charitable causes, volunteering efforts, and implementing initiatives that positively impact society.

How is my data & social media habits protected on AS?

Aligned Social prioritizes the protection of user data and social media habits. It implements robust privacy and security measures, ensuring that user information is securely stored and not shared with unauthorized third parties. Aligned Social employs encryption techniques, data anonymization, and user consent mechanisms to protect privacy. Additionally, the platform provides users with transparent options to control their data and customize their privacy settings.

How does being "aligned" work? Isn't that just for chiropractors & cars?

In the context of Aligned Social, being "aligned" refers to a concept beyond its traditional associations. Here, it signifies aligning one's actions, values, and interactions with positive and ethical principles. It involves being mindful of one's online presence, engaging in meaningful conversations, and promoting empathy and understanding. There's no pressure to "align back" or to collect aligns - users align with what fulfills them, and release when they grow to a different stage of their lives.

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