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Hey, I am Dr. Angela Martin-King and I am have been flipping the world of transformational coaching on its axis for quite a while now! Because what the world needs in a coach or leader or guide is not surface level. I've been a professional mentor and coach working with individuals & entrepreneurs, mentoring clients for over 20 years, (yes even online for 8 years) and what I know for sure is this:

EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, and the only way to heal
and evolve is to go deep to the core.
I started my career as a Doctor of Chiropractic, and soon found that by integrating scientific and spiritual modalities, that transformation and miracles occur. (yes, science + spirit = magic and miracles)

I discovered the magic and power of working with the subconscious or deep mind first-hand while dealing with a career-changing injury and the secondary fall-out financial crisis. After struggling, and secretly failing, to heal both my physical body and my career on my own, I was gifted an opportunity to see what was possible if I just trusted in the process of coaching, and dove into healing myself. 

I experienced such a profound and expansive healing, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually I even ah-mazed myself! I not only healed from an injury that is traditionally only 2% odds heal-able, but I also recovered from a myriad of health problems that the medical community could not explain. This remarkable experience became the catalyst for my spiritual awakening, intuitive gift development and the foundation of SoulFire Coaching and Transformations.
It is my life’s passion to work with others who view themselves and their journey in an aligned wholeness of mind body and soul.

Naturally, I am is not your typical doctor or run-of-the-mill coach. I am completely secure in WHO I am... and how I weave all the parts of “my wisdom” together to help you become ALL that you are.
And I aim to teach those skills to my clients so they can live free of burdens, obligations, expectations, never hiding who they are.

Is Dr. Angela the right connection for you?
If you are:
Feeling overburdened or overwhelmed with the emotional task of being a carer, coach, healer or leader and are searching for someone who knows what the missing part is
Being called to step out of the repressed cookie-cutter society of sameness and into your authentic self and your true soul’s mission
DONE with being 1 or 2 dimensional and want to reflect the bright shiny gem of who you REALLY are
And want to be acknowledge for you own inherent worth, individuality, uniqueness and value (and that special secret sauce) that you bring to the world
Then yes, you are one of my peeps.
With my heart-centred, authentic (and sometimes blatant truth) approach, I tend to resonate deeply with those who are willing to stop playing small and follow the whispers of hope deep inside.
(and also want to have fun, while letting their old crap go and so they can change their lives… I promise laughter, the best type of medicine, isn’t it? )
In essence, when they work with me, Soul-Based and Heart-Based leaders get to Align and Heal the disconnected and hidden parts of them selves, without agonizing over the pain, re-opening old wounds, or spending years doing the "process" so they can step in to what their soul's are being called to.

Want to learn more?
Simply connect with me. We will have a great conversation and see what works best for you at this moment, on your journey to wholeness.

In case you wondering, my expertise and areas I am multi-passionate about are in the realms of:
Catalyzing healing of chronic health conditions (MS, Fibromyalgia, IBS and leaky gut, back pain and chronic brain trauma, etc… a medical referral may be necessary)
Supporting healing, caring and spiritual professionals in developing best-practices for working with the emotional, mental and spiritual strain of being in the carer role
Helping integrate spiritual and soul work into more traditional ways of practicing healthcare, healing and coaching
You being You: mind body and soul full alignment ☺


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